Dr Amrit Lamba

GPwSI diabetes, GP partner, Colindale Medical Centre, Barnet Federated GPs, North Central London CCG


Amrit Lamba is a GP Partner at Colindale Medical Centre in North Central London CCG. He is a Diabetes clinical lead for Barnet Federated GPs and serves on the operational board for the Community Diabetes Service.

He has helped establish Locally Commissioned Services for Diabetes medicines optimisation and locality diabetes guidelines in NCL CCG. Clinical interests – risk stratification in type 2 diabetes and complications.

Amrit is a co-founder of ‘GoggleDocs’ – a medical education group that discusses topical medical content through informal conversations (@goggledocs). They have recently launched a YouTube channel: ‘GoggleDocsUK’, sharing weekly educational content in the field of cardiometabolic medicine and beyond.


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