John Robertson

specialist nurse, Prostate Cancer UK


John Robertson has worked in his present capacity with the organisation since September 2008. Throughout that time, he has provided support and information to those affected by prostate cancer via the helpline. The role also includes extensive awareness raising through talks to organisations and support groups as well as writing for nursing journals, media outlets and delivering conference presentations.

In Jan 2012, John participated in the delivery of successful telephone intervention trial for men with significant fatigue following prostate cancer treatment. His first foray into nursing was as a nursing assistant in 1976, then becoming a registered general and psychiatric nurse holding several posts at different level in a variety of hospital and community settings in Glasgow. In 1990 John became a registered nurse teacher and held posts at The University of the West of Scotland as lecturer, senior lecturer and Academic Director.

John has always had a particular interest in oncology and the social and psychological impact that cancer has on individuals and their families.



Speaker at Pulse LIVE London 2018