Dr Tim Williams

GP professional life coach, health coach trainer and coach supervisor, Peak Health Coaching Ltd


Dr Tim Williams qualified as a GP in 1999 and developed a coaching approach in his clinical practice from the very start, supporting people with persistent pain. He has experience of working in both a hospital and community – based pain services and now enjoys working with people with persistent pain within his general practice.  He is acutely aware of the limitations of time and other pressures that exist in primary care and his session will address how to make the most of a GP consultation on pain management.

His interest in coaching in a health-setting has seen him publish “Don’t ‘Just’ STOPIT.DOIT”, a book for patients and healthcare professionals on coaching to better health.  The insights from this together with an appreciation of Patient Activation, have been developed to produce a programme of education and training on tailored health coaching, for health and social care professionals.

For several years, Tim has been engaged as a professional life coach by the Yorkshire and Humber post graduate Deanery, coaching doctors in training on career development and increasing resilience in a challenging environment.  His further qualifications as a Time to Think coach and Transforming Meetings facilitator, has shaped the delivery of training, to encourage participants to think well for themselves and their organisations.

Speaker at Pulse LIVE Newcastle 2019