Dr Sandesh Gulhane

Co-Chair for BMA GP trainees Subcommittee and former RCGP Scotland AiT representative for GP trainees


Dr. Gulhane was an orthopaedic registrar for 7 years before transitioning into general practice. He is completing his GP training in October 2019. He has a passion for teaching and having attained his diploma in education, he uses novel methods including simulation teaching and non-human factor training. 

Dr. Gulhane joined the BMA team in 2016 and is now co-chair of GP Trainees subcommittee. He has been instrumental in developing the new BMA approach to support the 3 year GP training program and push for enhancement and modernisation of training. Dr. Gulhane has a specialist interest in sports medicine and is the head of medicine and science at Queen’s Park FC. He holds a presence in the media, regularly appearing on BBC Scotland as medical expert.

You can reach Dr Gulhane on twitter @sandeshgulhane 

Speaker at Pulse LIVE Glasgow 2019