Dr Katherine London

community dermatologist, Bradford Community Trust


Dr Katherin London initially trained as a GP, then worked in both general practice and dermatology for 8 years.  At that time she was a partner in general practice, setting up the vulval service in Bradford and doing sessional work in Wakefield. In 1998 she became a fulltime staff grade at Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust.

For the past 23 years Dr London has worked in Bradford, becoming an associate specialist then a locum consultant and then trust consultant when the trust needed her to be Specialty Lead.  She was Specialty lead and the only fulltime consultant for four years in a service which covered 650 000 patients.

The GPSI service started in Bradford during her early years in post there. Over the years the GPSIs have grown in experience and numbers, the form of the service has changed from the initial ‘community service’ to ‘any qualified providers’. Dr London has worked closely with the service with monthly combined clinics and twice yearly clinical governance, audit and educational days.

She has now left Bradford Hospitals Trust and is working solely with the community services.

Speaker at Pulse LIVE Liverpool 2019