Dr Jenny Brotherston

GP specialising in sexual health and gynaecology


Dr Jenny Brotherston has 20 years experience of working in Contraception, Sexual Health, Community Gynaecology & Menopause services in Hull. This was alongside her career as a GP up until 2005 when she developed the GP Specialist One-stop-shop Sexual Health & Women’s Service – where all specialties are offered at one appointment. This service was developed in the deprived area of North East Hull, and continues to offer a holistic service to those who were previously hard-to-reach.

Other roles include Chair of the local Women’s Health Forum comprising GPs, Gynaecologists, Health Visitors, Midwives and Voluntary Sector. The Forum aims to ensure a joint ownership & partnership approach to improving women’s health across Hull & East Yorkshire and hosts regular educational conferences. Jenny is the Faculty Training Programme Director for Hull & East Yorkshire; she speaks nationally on the topics of Contraception, Women’s Health & Menopause; and is widely published in national journals.

Speaker at Pulse LIVE Liverpool 2019