Dr David Nicholl

clinical lead for neurology and Brexit whistle-blower


Dr David Nicholl is the Clinical Lead for Neurology at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust and the former Honorary Secretary to the Association of British Neurologists.

David was asked in early January 2019 to advise the Department of Health to advise on No Deal Brexit plans for pharmaceuticals in Neurology. He felt that that plans were not safe so turned whistleblower to BBC Newsnight in March 2019, just before the UK was due to leave the EU. Subsequently he was accused of scaremongering on LBC radio by the Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who then went onto slander Dr Nicholl in the House of Commons by comparing him with struck-off ‘Dr’ Andrew Wakefield. Mr Rees-Mogg subsequently had to apologise to the House of Commons for those comments, after David called him out with a very large megaphone. David has continued to highlight the risks of Brexit to the NHS, and recently stood in the General Election for the Liberal Democrats against the Chancellor, Sajid Javid. Although unsuccessful at the election, he was recently awarded the BMJ Editor’s prize for ‘Speaking Truth to Power’ for his whistleblowing over Brexit.