Dr Catriona Anderson

GP with interest in recurrent urogynaecological infections


A true portfolio GP with a special interest in women’s health and urogenital infection, Dr Anderson divides her time between NHS and private general practice. She runs a specialist service dealing with recurrent and chronic UTI in North Staffordshire and has more recently opened a branch clinic in London in partnership with a urologist.

Before returning to university to study medicine, Dr Anderson used her undergraduate degree in medical microbiology and biochemistry to work as a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company. This likely underpinned her interest in some of the more challenging cases of long-standing microbial infections, including urinary tract infections (UTIs). Motivated by her interest in this area and frustrated by the lack of educational resources she looked to key opinion leaders in UK, USA, Russia and Poland, where she studied the aetiology of recalcitrant/ fastidious bacterial infection and how therapies used in these infections have successfully helped a wide range of patients.

Dr Anderson continues to research this challenging and misunderstood disease area. Her scientific background affords her an in-depth understanding of the pathological mechanisms underpinning the disease. Using appropriate investigations she embraces personalised medicine in formulating treatment plans. She uses a variety of established treatments in a targeted approach, and complements them with naturopathic remedies and lifestyle measures achieving a success rate over 70% in patients who have failed to gain relief from this debilitating disease via other clinics including secondary care. Dr Anderson is a medical advisor for Bladder Health UK.

Dr Anderson regularly speaks at GP and and hospital education forums about this poorly recognised and under resourced condition.

Alongside her clinical work, Dr Anderson is actively involved in the research and development of new treatments which, she hopes, will offer even better prospects to her growing list of patients.

Speaker at  Pulse LIVE Birmingham 2019

  • Birmingham