Dr Ashish Dwivedi

Director, Health Integration Partners


Ashish has a clinical and commercial background and hence, brings a niche expertise. He has extensive experience (both national and international) in health and care across a range of roles; leadership, hands on operations and consulting.

He brings valuable insight into ‘what works’ through his work on whole system transformation across more than 20 health and care economies. His work spans development of whole systems models with a focus on creating a One Integrated Care System with a clear focus on outcomes for people.

He has been very instrumental in development of the alliance of providers and commissioners, a precursor to an accountable care system, in a London borough.

Ashish was Chief Executive of a large London based social enterprise, a provider of primary medical and dental urgent care in the local region. He has a successful track record of transforming the organisation from a potential loss making organisation into an organisation with a surplus with visible impact on quality and staff satisfaction.

He recently played a prominent role in development of 54 practice strong GP federation and led a separate team that has supported more than 50 GP practices in improving resilience, leadership, new ways of working  and at scale working.

Ash feels proud in the way he catalyses change, working with people, spotting change agents and galvanising involvement from the very people who induce change – the frontline staff, clinicians and citizens themselves.

In  the past he has also worked for the largest corporate healthcare chain in Asia as a senior executive. He has successfully managed acute hospital and a chain of polyclinics, developed innovative models of care and initiated public private partnerships in the region.

Speaker at Pulse LIVE Liverpool 2019 and Pulse LIVE Birmingham 2019