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It is the best educational event I have attended this year.
Dr Nadia Aisheh, delegate, London 2016

Lively, friendly event. The lectures and discussions that I went to were presented by energetic, knowledgeable and skilled speakers.
Dr Lisa McGrath, delegate, Liverpool 2016

A day packed full of interesting speakers & helpful demonstrations – with wide choice of subjects.
Dr Jean Pringle, delegate, Edinburgh 2016

Thoroughly informative 2 days, with a great variety of speakers and opportunity to meet other GPs working across the country.
Dr Arti Patel, delegate, London 2016

Excellent sessions and practical tips for GPs to help in day to day patient management  Lots of information on practice management.
Dr Tathagata Sadhu, delegate, London 2016

Brilliant annual event. A wide variety of topics with plenty of choice and fantastic speakers.
Dr John Saldanha, delegate, Edinburgh 2016

It was a good experience  The staff were welcoming and the lectures were second to none.
Dr Jolly John, delegate, Liverpool 2016

Exhaustive collection of evidence based knowledge , all under one roof. Very efficient at every level.
Dr Rashmi Kumar, delegate, London 2016

Excellent course.  Best free course I’ve been on.
Dr David Millardelegate, Edinburgh 2016

A diverse range of topics covered with just the right mix of focus on patients, real-life practice and the challenges currently facing our profession.
Dr Emon Farrah Malik, delegate, London 2016

Relevant sessions to current GP environment with a good mix of management level vs clinical updates; good quality speakers.  Exposure to industry and research info that is relevant to primary care!  
Dr Darren Davies, delegate, Liverpool 2016

Great variety of excellent presentations and updates. Well organised and ran to time. Thank you will be back again next year! 
Dr Simone Killick, delegate, Edinburgh 2016

Excellent event,this is my third Pulse LIVE event and I enjoyed it very much.It is a must event to attend for every GP.I look forward to the next year one. 
Dr Zymrije Beqiri, delegate, London 2016

One of best educational events I have attended for some time. I learnt a lot. The sessions were just the right length of time and they ran on time.
Dr Sirjit Singh Sewan, delegate, London 2016

Amazing, valuable learning opportunity, delivered at the right pace.
Dr Sabeel Saleem, delegate, Edinburgh 2016

Great event, motivational speakers and well organised.
Dr Sarah Brookes, delegate, Liverpool 2016