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Event Partners

Event Partners

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The Family Doctor Association is a values based educational charity, speaking up for grassroots general practice.  Our core values are high quality general practice, continuity of care and delivering relevant GP education. 

We are a UK membership organisation for frontline GPs and family doctor practices.  We are proud to be recognised as the national voice of frontline GPs and family doctor practices.  Run by GPs and Practice Managers like you, supporting our members since 1985.     @FamilyDoctorUK    #continuityofcare


The British Medical Association is a politically neutral registered trade union and professional association representing doctors from all branches of medicine. The BMA has a total membership of over 168,000. In Scotland, the BMA represents over 16,000 members.


GP Diary is a free to use, online directory of courses, meetings, webinars, online resources of learning for clinical practitioners in primary care. 

We hope to make it quicker to find the resource you need to meet your yearly PDP objectives.  GP Diary is an easy way for event organizers promote their courses and ensure maximum attendance.

myGPevents – the easy way for GPs and GP trainees to Search for CPD, Networking and Conferences. Search by Category and Region, and get monthly updates and interesting content when you subscribe to our newsletter. Made for GPs, by GPs.

NASGP membership is completely free for GP practices,, and £11 per month for sessional GPs. Membership gives you access to Practeus, our online workforce engagement platform that covers everything from invoicing, booking sessions, pension forms and bookkeeping, through to a dynamic, CQC-ready responsive online practice induction information management system.